Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Carcuro Holdings 'will ensure that each person employed by Carcuro Holdings and its contractors shall be provided with and encouraged to maintain a healthy and safe workplace, Carcuro Holdings believes that the health and safety of proprietor, employees and visitors is of equal importance to output, costs and profits.

Management fully accepts and abides by the principles of a duty of care towards its employees and is committed to providing a safe workplace, safe equipment and safe systems of work, Each employee must also accept responsibility to ensure his or her own health and safety and that of their fellow employees, Occupational Health and Safety considerations will be an integral of planning, purchasing and construction.

Our goal is to prevent all accidents and injuries, We believe that training all employees to work safely is essential and that a healthy and safe working environment is conducive to job satisfaction and productivity.

Employee consultation and participation is encouraged in the development, implementation, review and regular updating of health and safety programs and procedures, Specialist professionals will be utilized where necessary to assist in the preparation and operation of these programs.

Supervisors at all levels have a responsibility to ensure that Occupational Health and Safety principles are communicated; Safe work practices are adhered to, employee participation is encouraged and meaningful suggestions by employees to improve workplace safety and hygiene are transmitted to management for proper evaluation.

As an integral part of its management philosophy, Carcuro Holdings is committed to the development and implementation of a coordinated and effective Occupational Health and Safety program for all its employees and contractors.

Contractor who has control of the site

This is where the contractor, by virtue of the contract or some other understanding, has control of the site on which the work has been carried out. in this situation, the contractor becomes the occupier so must ensure that the duty of care of occupiers is met.

The contractor must also ensure that the duty of care of employers ( or duty of care of self employed persons ) is met.

This means that the contractor must ensure that the site is safe, and that the safety of workers and other persons are not affected by the condition of the site and work being carried out.

Where there is more than one contractor on site, the level of responsibility would depend on the level of control each contractor has over the site (both wholly and the part in which they work).

Each jointly is responsible for the health and safety of their workers, for any other persons that may be affected by their work.

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